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Today we highlight our production as a whole. We have been rehearsing for about a month now, weekends, nights and in between, with last minute babysitters, missed exits, and barking dogs. Nonetheless, onward we’ve strived!

Tickets go on sale in 2 days and we are super excited! Your donations will help pay these wonderful people for their time and effort. Not only are each of them hard-working and committed to creating meaningful art, but they are highly talented in all that they do:

Brian Allman, Joshua ZellerEric WoodStuart AllanMary Rachel GardnerJR EspositoJennie SheffieldMark Bommarito


The Pens Are Coming to Fringe!!!


Meet the Cast!

ALFRED: Brian Allman

ANIMA: Mary Rachel Gardner

GRISHA: Mark Bommartio

JERRY/SAM: Josh Zeller

JIM/DAD: JR Esposito





ANIMATION: Stuart Allan


Performance Details

Where: The Complex 6470 Theatre


When: Sunday June 8th (preview show) 5 pm

Thursday June 12th (opening night of the festival) 7:30 pm

Sunday June 15th (matinee) 4:30 pm

Saturday June 21st 8:30 pm




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One Week Away!!!!

We are getting super excited! “A Message from a Dying Soldier” is opening in just one week! Brian has been busy spray painting these water jugs to create a lego-style flag. Rabbits 2 U does its best to bring you Eco-Friendly Theatre by reusing items for props and supporting the local Goodwill for costumes. Pics to come soon! In the meantime, check out our new flier:

A Message from a Dying Soldier

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Student and Veteran discounts available. Message me for details.

Hollywood Fringe Countdown


FREAK-30 (Photo credit: Hollywood Fringe)

Hollywood, CAA Message from a Dying Soldier is a non-partisan look at politics, politicians, and anyone who remembers voting for change, performed by Brian Allman. This provocative piece was inspired by Tomas Young’s letter to George Bush & Dick Cheney on the 10th Anniversary of the Iraq War. A soldier in Iraq, Young was paralyzed in an insurgent ambush in Sadir City in 2004. He is currently living under hospice care in Kansas City, MO.

Young’s final letter condemns the Bush administration for severely botching the Iraq War, asking for the prosecution of President Bush and Vice-President Cheney for “war crimes, plunder, and finally, murder, the murder of thousands of young Americans, [Young’s] fellow veterans, whose futures [Bush & Cheney] stole.”

A one-man performance in the 2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival, A Message from a Dying Soldier raises some jarring questions about the current state of American and global politics.

It is a piece bound to raise some conservative eyebrows, but don’t expect only right wing bashing. Brian Allman and his upstart production company, Rabbits 2 U, deftly critique a wide range of Washington D.C. hypocrisies. As a graduate from UCLA’s MFA program in Theatre, Film & Television, and as a College Instructor, Allman wrote this show to remind the American people that we do not, in fact, live in a 2-party system. We have other choices.

The show is a variety act performance, drawing not only upon Tomas Young’s powerful letter but also upon an assortment of other related issues. It mixes together raw, character driven acting, improvisation, dark humor and performance art. Regardless of your political leanings, it will leave you curious and wanting more.

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